Students of the Interactive Media Arts program at Assiniboine Community College have stumbled across unexplained paranormal activity taking place in the city of Brandon, Manitoba. After capturing one of these occurrences on camera by chance, they decided to vlog and create a documentary about what they, and the rest of the city, are experiencing.


It takes a brave soul to venture off in search of the paranormal. Luckily, we've found just the souls.


She’s our leader and is always the first to jump into any kind of action. Her take-charge attitude shows whenever she’s under pressure. Tara is a very serious person. She wants to prove to everyone that these events are real. She doesn’t like being brushed off as just a girl who likes to believe.


Sara is the happy-go-lucky team member who brings excitement to anything and everything. She’s optimistic, curious and eager to learn more about what’s going on. She may not be an action hero, but she wants to experience these events as fully as possible.



Kevin is our go-to man. When we have problems, he'll solve them for us. He's calm, cool and collected, even when the going gets tough. He likes being able to resolve things quickly before anything goes wrong.


He is our main cinematographer and voice from behind the camera. He's our mood-maker and would love to have a romance with one of the women in the IMA class. Dylan doesn't like to be left out. When there's action, make sure he’s on the scene!

Behind the Scenes



Tara - Tara Vincent

Sara - Sara Sylvester

Kevin - Kevin Nepitabo

Dylan - Dylan Woodcock


Contributing Filmmakers

Graham Street

Shaun Cameron

Katie Zacharias

Derek McMechan


Assiniboine Community College Interactive Media Arts

Jill Ferguson

Graham Street

Malena Gonzalez

Diane Nelson

Jana Sproule

Greg Sherris

Bob Simmons

Derek Ford

Sean Taylor

After School Leaders & Filmmakers

Charity Amiotte

Charmaine Beardy

Tyra Elk

Karen Halcrow

Rayn Haverchuk

Luvesh Jugessur

Summer Lathlin

Daylyn Lidster

Sullivan Loane

Amberly McArthur

Jeremy Packo

Tianna Shingoose-Chief

Katelynn Stonehouse

Tayler Templeton

Saydee Wilson

Website Design & Graphics

Léa Johnson

Michelle Choy

Assiniboine Community College Continuing Education

Tannis Hudson

Sandra Mulvihill

Shakilah Mehrunnisa

Special Thanks To

The Government of Manitoba



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